Minecraft 2 As Launch Title For Next Xbox

Considering the fact Minecraft has generated $100 million on Xbox live alone, I predict that the next Xbox will launch with a new version of Minecraft made specifically to take advantage of the substantially improved power of Microsoft's next console.  I also predict that Minecraft 2 will also take full advantage of the capabilities of Kinect 2 (or "Kinect HD")  that will come standard with the next console (and which will be able to follow finger movements with a fair amount of precision, far outclassing the current iteration of the device). 


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Minecraft is a port from the PC... for them to make 'Minecraft 2' there would have to be a PC version of it. I highly doubt it.

Minecraft 1 was a port from the PC.  Minecraft 2, if there were such a thing, could certainly be something more--it doesn't have to be a port from a PC game.  The Xbox version outsold the PC version in 2012, taking in $100 million on the console alone.  There is more than enough money out there and more than enough incentive to generate a new enhanced version of the new Xbox console.  

The chances of it happening are still beyond unlikely. Microsoft only has the rights to an Xbox port, not a spin-off. Mojang would have to give them full permission on that and since they are still updating the current Xbox Minecraft to match the PC and the PC is still getting updates. I doubt we'd see a Minecraft 2 for any system for a really long time.


Also the pocket edition sold more than the Xbox port, and the Xbox port only sold 900k more than the PC which is trivial since the PC has sold more than that in all it's years combined.

It's possible Microsoft might strike an agreement to have a Minecraft for the new Xbox console Microsoft is working on. So far there have only been rumours from all sources except Microsoft and everything is a rumour unless Microsoft who is the only official source for what the new console will be called, have, and it's release date. That's one advantage with being with Microsoft. Sony's PS3 doesn't even have Minecraft LOL.

just so people don't forget built in kinect or ANYTHING ells to do with the next xbox is not confirmed.

themann2488--For that matter, the release of another console after the Xbox 360 is not confirmed either.  That is what makes this post a "prediction".  We can look back at this post at some point and say either that "Wildattorney had awe inspiring prescience" or that "Wildattorney had no idea what he was talking about."  :)

A website that features a lot of Minecraft news has just posted about the likely existence of "Minecraft 2" for the next Xbox console in a manner that is strikingly similar to my prediction.  See HERE

I don't forsee a Minecraft 2, but an extension of Minecraft would be realistic.  What I mean is, having a bigger sized map, given the increased hardware that the next xbox will have.