Minecart track

I made a minecart track..... How do you make it go uphill? When I get to a hill, I start going backward. What am I doing wrong?


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Powered rails. Need redstone torches to keep them activated. Space them out as necessary.

^^ What ruthless said. You need gold instead of iron to make powered tracks.

The powered Rails are the answer for you ;) .

The cost :

-6 gold ingots

-1 redstone

That will give you 6 rails if im not wrong.

And to make them work , you need a redstone torch right next to it. You dont have to put every Powered rails next to each other because they give you a boost depending on the height of the hill .

Also note that 1 redstone torch will power around 14 powered tracks (not sure of the exact number but its up there).

Oh really ? I didn't know that

Thank you Noxious :)

You can also make a switch to power the tracks. Uses a lot less redstone that way.

Using less redstone isn't an issue for most people in this version of the game.  Redstone is far more abundant than there are uses for it.  There are of course other ways to make your minecart go up hill.  Locomotive minecart is an option, but it's slow and uses coal.  There is also the bug that lets you create a booster by running along side another minecart.  But powered rails are the way to go here.

Guess most people on here aren't as much of a redstone lover as I am. Once pistons come out I'll need all the redstone I can get so levers are the way to go for me, at least. Going to be really bummed if BUD switches don't work in the xbox version.