Might be something undiscovered?

I read this earlier today and have been wondering what they were referring to? "There's some racket coming from below, and once that beam starts shining, it just can't seem to keep a steady rotation. Rumors have leaked in concerning access to an underground passage, but as of yet they're unconfirmed. A zipline runs from the top of the building, but the crew just can't seem to get it up and running. This will definitely need some more exploring."

I read it


Anyone think they know what they are talking about? The Ice Slide perhaps? That is not much of an "underground passage" though. Not sure where one would be though. Anyway, just curious what everyone thought about it.


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It says the zipline is at the top of the building, it doesn't work unless you have both ends of the zipline open.

If you listen by the door the old characters are trapped in, you can hear a teleporter working, several times, but dunno for sure.

Unless there is an undiscovered entrance that allows access to an underground passage, I'm inclined to think it's referring to the slide.

First you have to kill George. Easiest way to kill George is by reading the twilight script, he eventually kills himself.

This is what I am thinking also. The article, or whatever it is was just posted on the 11th of May, and the ice slide isn't much of a passage, and it isn't hidden AT ALL. Who knows? Probably nothing anyway.