Midland Base: Play Halo with friendly people!

As a Halo only group we are playing Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, both the campaign and the Anniversary DLC.

If you need friendly people to play co-op with, look no further. We also help with the CEA skulls, terminals, and cheevos. We help you get them honestly, and we are understanding of those who aren't awesome players.

So if you want to play CEA co-op and get earn the skulls, terminals, and cheevos with friendly people who won't give you a hard time, keep reading...

You can see alot of what we're up to by checking out our social networking sites and group montages:

Our FaceBook

Our Google +

Our Twiiter

Our QR Code

Our Group Montages[/quote]



Offering 3 game nights a week we cater to all fans (Thursday game night is the CE Anniversary DLC!).

And if you can't jump onto XBox Live to join us, there are always lots of things going on in our forums, such as our weekly screen shot caption contest.

Questions? You can contact us here and one of our Group Administrators will quickly address all your questions, queries, or concerns.

Some brief FAQs abouty us:

We are a group, NOT a clan.

We do not require a change in armor perm, colors, emblem, call out, or gamer tag.

We do not require try-outs or a "boot camp".

We do have a minimum forum participation requirement of 8 forum posts a month (we have a huge off topic forum, this is just to delete those who have gone inactive).

We have in group ranks and awards:Midland Base ranks and awards[/quote]


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