Middle Aged Elite Clan Ops

I was surprised by the response in my previous post.  I am thrilled that those of us who were around when gaming started are still playing.  I also like the things that call of duty elite is doing. I have played some of the lone wolf operations and had a blast.  I am not wanting to clan up to play on game battles or some other clan website.  This is not about playing together with a bunch of rules and regulations.  Instead playing togother as adults and having some fun.  It is about getting together as group and having fun.  I am not sure about you, I do not like to be playing and hear constant complaining.  I just file my complaint and move on. 

The name of the group is FirstBloodHiters.  yes there is one letter missing. Elite had character restrictions.  Yes it is a refrence to the movie. Those of us who were alive when it came out, unltimate tough guy movie in the day.

My understanding of clan ops is you go in as a group of 6 and play the game mode. Clan also earns xp while playing and stuff gets unlocked for in game. It will take the top 6 scores of all players in each clan and the digitial badges awarded accordingly.  So not the traditional clan match stuff that causes grief. Looks to be alot of fun.

Guys and Gals welcome.  No clan practices. No bossy leader. Just have fun and maybee work on strat together and what perks compliment each other.  Light hearted and friendly poeple only.  It is suppose to be fun.

No glitchers or cheaters need apply. If caught will be kicked immediatly.


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Oh yeah if interested send fr and msg with topic title.