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How am I suppose to extend my server when all I have is CA$H in my account now, BF3 is still only excepting Microsoft points!  I had ZERO choice Microsoft Forced me to convert all my M$ Points into $$$


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Thought I would ASK IF anyone uses their xbox 360 controller on their PC, I just downloaded Black Ops II in steam FREE for one day, BUT I also have BF 1942 an BF ModernCombat on PC, could some one point me to a good software for using my xbox 360 for FPS on my PC..

I use JoyToKey.

Also a different game I played still had Microsoft points listed and when I hit buy it just turned it into cash on the next screen so not sure why Battlefield isn't doing the same.

a 360 controller connected to a windows 8 or 7 system with a usb connection should just install

Use a KB/M. cause if you dont you are at a disadvantage.

^ What Mitchell said.

I use my wireless controller for Single player games all the time all I did was plug in the wireless receiver and it worked just like when I had a wired controller and i just plugged it in. Don't use a Controller without Auto Aim you'll get murder on the PC because controllers are just about useless without it.

Lol who actually uses auto-aim? Wish there was a server option to disable it for all players.

[quote user="SHAFTshifter"]

I use JoyToKey.

[/quote]Joytokey?? More like an Otshot an browsersafeguard <<< Im still trying to remove...THANKS!