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How do I stop Microsoft billing from sending out Carbon copies of my account history to other emails?
My primary account (GT) has had multiple email changes over the years I have used it online. Each time I changed it I always made sure to update my contact information on Microsoft billing and on but for some reason it still emails copies to past email accounts I no longer use. All I want is to have emails sent just to my primary email that I use to log-in Xbox LIVE. Their has to be some way to stop it from sending Cc's to seven other email accounts?


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You can start by reading here,  .  There is no need in posting the same Q all over

PhDPeddler, that did not answer anything at all.

I have the exact same issue, yet the Billing pages list only the one I currently have it set to.

Yet more necro-treading, this time a thread that is three months old.


I'd try contacting support, asking for the billing department, to see if they can help you out

I don't think they will ever fix this issue. I have changed my email on everything having to do with M$/Windows and I rarely get any emails from them on it. I don't even get Cc emails from them. I figure they are probably getting sent to the email that I do not have access to anymore.