Microsoft Solitaire Collection updated!

We've updated Microsoft Solitaire Collection to fix several issues, including problems with the Daily Challenges. Please update your game today! 

Here's how to update:

Go to the Windows 8 start screen by pressing the windows key on your keyboard, or pressing the windows button on your tablet. 

Tap the green Store tile. If you can't find it, you can type the word "Store" on your keyboard to bring it up. 

In the Store, tap the green text in the upper-right corner that says "Updates". This appears whenever any of your apps have updates available. If you don't see it there, all of your apps (including this one) are already up-to-date. 

On the App updates screen, tap "install" at the bottom to install all of your available updates. If the game appears in the list, then there is an update for the game available, and you'll need to tap this game's update listing to get it.

Thanks for playing, and please post a comment here if you experience any problems or have any questions about the recent update.


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Yes, I am still facing problems with the daily challenges because after I installed the latest update, all my stats were reset on machines where I installed the latest update.

still cant log into my Microsoft account

Sorry, maybe it is 'beginner's luck', but after installing the latest update on 28 March, Solitaire Daily Challenge is performing without problems on my Windows 8 Dell laptop.

Was even able to regain the "lost" coins & badges of March and complete all challenges.

Have also done the 10 challenges (1st & 2nd) of April without a hitch.


I like this game and I even upgrade to a Premium.But before 2 days all my score for April in Daily challenges been reset! I had more than 30 000 coins achieve after I completed every single challenge so far.So I want to know how's that happend?    

I applied the update today and now the game does not work. Initialization times out and returns to the start screen.

I have the same problem as AptFountain306. Installed update 4/27. After that, App starts to load then reverts to Start screen. I also get a message that I have no internet connection which is untrue as I can get on the internet from both the Start screen  and the Desktop. Replayed all of April's game after the last fiasco around the middle of the month that wiped out all of my scores. It's a little late in the month to do that again as well as way too frustrating. Just wish Microsoft/Xbox/Whoever would assign someone to fix the Microsoft Solitaire Collection App who could actually get it fixed properly. Arrrrrgh!

I can't play it either

it works fine for me

The update will not install---says pending ever after 24 hours.  Help!

When I try to sign in to play daily challenges.  it says to check my internet connection.  My connection is working.  I can sign into the store and my Microsoft account.  Nothing seems to work.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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