Microsoft Solitaire Collection - Spyder Solitaire - getting stuck and crashes every time

Hello, I run Win 8.1 .

I think the problem is with the new Nvidia gfx drivers (ver. 332.21)
my computer :

processor : Intel Core I7 920

ram : 24giga

Mobo : Gigebyte X58A-ud3r

video card : Gigabyte Gtx 680 4Giga ram

keyboard : Logitach G19

Mouse : logitech G9x


I tried uninstalling, updating windows to latest , and using the command : wsreset.exe

also tried the file : apps.diagcab

after all that, I have reinstalled Microsoft Solitaire Collection and still can`t play Spyder.

fo you guys requier Dxdiag file?


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I think you're right and this also may be related to a new Windows Update that got "stuck" for some users.

Try this:

1. Press Windows Key

2. Start typing Check for Updates

3. Click on Settings below the search bar on the right

4. You'll see Check for Updates appear on the left side of the screen. Click it

5. Install any waiting updates.

6. Reboot

This should "unstick" this update for you and get your graphics working better in general as well. Let me know if you need additional help. Thanks! :)

Can I join in this thread?

Same issue as FrothiestMink42 and the problem is in nVidia Drivers

1.   Version 6.3 (Build 9600)

2.   PC, i5 3570K, GTX770

3.   Today

4.   No

5.   When I hit the Microsoft Solitaire Collection tile on the Start page, the blue screen with Microsoft Solitaire Collection on it appears for a long time. When it finally loads and I try to start any game mode it stays stuck on blue loading screen.

6.   I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but no change. Checked all Windows and Windows Store updates and I have every latest ones.

Non-acceptable solution: Problem started when I updated nVidia drivers to newest one (332.21), if I revert to older drivers Microsoft Solitaire Collection is working fine. I can't and don't want to use older graphics drivers. Any fix for this issue?