Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Spider. Problems for April 29.

You can remove and move only one card. If there are two more cards of the same suit in the stack, they have not moved. You can remove and change only one card (the first down). Have never had such problems with the Spider. Help, how to solve this problem.


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red Hearth= H/red Corner=C/black Cross=K/black Shovel=S

SA-S2/S7-S8/S4-H5/S3-S4/SA,1,2-S3/H7-H8/H2-H3/SO-SK/CA-H2/C2-H2/ new Cards:SO-KK/SA,2,3,4-S5/H4-H5/S9-S10/S7,8-S9/CJ-SO/HA-S2/CJ-SO/S7,8,9,10-CJ/ new Cards:SA-K2/SJ-SO/S7,8,9,10-SJ/HA-C2/SA,2,3-C4/ new Card: S4-S5/S4,5-S6/S4,5,6-S7/SA2,3-S4/SA,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,O-SK

Thats all, i hope it worke.

the last move before you take first time new Cards: C2-H2 is useless, dont mind it. sorry

another help: the Card: O means Q,

so i hope thats all.

another help: the Card O mens Q !!! in German is this Card the OBER ore DAME, OK?

I appreciate your help!

It works!

My mistake was that cards of different color did not move together.



i could not find placement for h4 hanging around under s7.

nevertheless i completed the game in 31 moves in the third shuffle.