Microsoft puts the disabled in their place

My son became disabled at age 12.  After 1/2 year in the hospital he came home and struggled to regain some degree of a normal life.  He is hemiplegic and can only use one hand.  He was heartbroken that he could not play video games with his friends.  To our delight, we found a company that made a 1 handed adaptive controller that allowed my son to play.  We purchased the controller, an x-box system, and my son has been playing with his friends for over a year and a half.  It was a big part of his emotional recovery.  My son even used his allowance to my a controller for Gillette Children's Hospital.  After allowing the E-Dimensional Access Controller to work with x-box for years, Microsoft has chosen to upgrade firmware to prevent the device from working with X-Box.  Without warning, a big part of my son's life has been ripped away.  When I told him what happened he became depressed and said "I have to watch my friends play football and baseball, now I can watch them play X-box too, I guess us cripples need to know our place".  That is from a 14 year old.  You may have the right to prevent other controller units from working with X-box, but to take away the only unit available that allows a disabled person to play is despicable.  I am sure no one at Microsoft who made this decision has a disabled child who was allowed to play for years, but now is no longer allowed to.  It would have been nice if you had provided your own adaptive controller before taking this option away from the disabled.  Shame on you.


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Try contacting the AbleGamers Foundation. They are a non-profit organization that focuses on gamers with disabilities. They or the members of their forums might be able to assist you in other ways to get your son back into gaming.

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This is really awful, but not really the venue to convey your heartbreak. I'd suggest trying to contact Microsoft somehow. Surely they're not heartless bastards.

Try contacting Microsoft for help, but if that doesn't work then there might be other controllers available to purchase that will work with the Xbox system. Although I understand you don't want to be buying lots of hardware. I'm sure there is some way around the issue though.