Microsoft puts my disabled son in his place

My son became disabled at age 12.  After 1/2 year in the hospital he came home and struggled to regain some degree of a normal life.  He is hemiplegic and can only use one hand.  He was heartbroken that he could not play video games with his friends.  To our delight, we found a company that made a 1 handed adaptive controller that allowed my son to play.  We purchased the controller, an x-box system, and my son has been playing with his friends for over a year and a half.  It was a big part of his emotional recovery.  After allowing the E-Dimensional Access Controller to work with x-box for years, Microsoft has chosen to upgrade firmware to prevent the device from working with X-Box.  Without warning, a big part of my son's life has been ripped away.  When I told him what happened he became depressed and said "I have to watch my friends play football and baseball, now I can watch them play X-box too, I guess us cripples need to know our place".  That is from a 14 year old.  You may have the right to prevent other controller units from working with X-box, but to take away the only unit available that allows a disabled person to play is despicable.  I am sure no one at Microsoft who made this decision has a disabled child who was allowed to play for years, but now is no longer allowed to.  It would have been nice if you had provided your own adaptive controller before taking this option away from the disabled.  Shame on you.


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I'm sure it was something that happened by mistake.  Trying to get the hackers out and this is one of those inadvertent mistakes.   Have you ever heard of Ben Heck?  I don't know anything about this E-Dimensional Access Controller, but Ben Heck has made modified controllers for years now for handicapped individuals, and I think he uses the official MS settings so that it doesn't stop working with updates.  His site is  There may be others too, this is just the one I know of.  I hope you find some way around this though.  I'm sorry to hear about this.

From what I've read, it's a technical issue with the PS3 and Xbox that started back in December 2011. The people that make the controller have no e.t.a. on a fix. Maybe I'm reading old news? Peace, J.R.  

It’s a on going struggle in the wired world of video games to keep up with hackers, mods and cheaters. This is a unfortunate event and sad that this has taken away something that someone enjoys. Microsoft tries to keep everything up-to-date to keep these people at bay. Have you tried contacting a Microsoft Representative  for more information about working products that are usable?

Good luck the Ambassador Team!

Check out the Able Gamers foundation. They are a non profit organization that work to help kids and adults with disabilities to make gaming accessible to each persons handicap. I hope someone there or on their forums can help you and your son get back in the games. He is not alone.

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I just read your post,and i am just as disgusted as you are with Microsoft.All hope is not lost though,If you write a business letter to Microsoft,and send it to the wish list team they might send you a letter back,they are a very real group,i have gotten a letter back from them saying that they will use my ideas,but if they choose to use them,is another question....don't give up though,and keep sending them letters alot of letters eventually someone will listen,also call 1800 4 my XBOX and talk to someone live they have to type in all requests that are made by gamers,and they have meetings every month on what they have typed in....

To be fair to microsoft, they didnt stop it because they knew disabled people would not be able to play. If you buy 3rd party software and use it on an xbox console, mostly they are people who have bought modded controllers, Modded for an unfair advantage over other xbox live users with things such as rapid fire. They have not done it to dishearten disabled gamers

Sorry I'm a bit late reading this but you could try here

Special Effect are a charity that helps any person with a disability to be able to play games.

A lot of us gamers have them as their chosen charity and raise money for them, as they do so much good work.