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Could anyone direct me to a reliable/cheap website that will email the codes straight away? I remember using one but can't remember the website.




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You deserve what you get.

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You deserve what you get.


Yes, he does deserve to get the points bought legitimately from one of the several legitimate websites that e-mail codes directly to you. Good call bud.


Cheers VoteDC, that's the website I was trying to remember (You should get a medal for the amount of times you have helped me).  Haha, I don't think NoxiousFarts took the time to read my post properly...

I've used on a few occasions.  They're pretty good.

I misunderstood, my bad. Thought you were another person trying to get free points.

No problem buddy, I know that kinda thing happens a lot on these forums. I would of seen the thread title and thought 'not another one' ;)

I think Amazon e-mails codes.

Yeah, Amazon.

bing emails the codes within a week or two of buying them with bing points. it was actually alot faster than i thought it was gonna be.