Microsoft Mahjong statistics

  1. What version & build of Windows are you running?
Windows 8 version 6.2, build 9200
 2.What is the make (who made it) & model (if you know it) of the device or devices you are using?
Asus Ultrabook
3.  About how long ago did you start having this problem?
Since the reset statistics became available
4.  Have you noticed this problem happening on any other games?
5.  Describe your problem. Please explain what happens from the time you launch the game until the problem happens.
The statistics will change itself and will not reflect the actual play. Even after resetting, the statistics will only be accurate for a while before it starts to go awry. For example, I never lose a game (the congratulations animation will always come on at the end of the game) but the statistics will show I have lost some games. The more I play the more games I lose (even though I've won). And if I've played, for example, 10 games, the stats will show that I've played only 3 or 5 . No matter how many times I reset the statistics, the same problem happens within a day.
  1. Please post any other details or notes about your problem here:
This never happened with windows 7 mahjong. Statistics were always accurate. I love this game and take pride in winning each game. I want the stats to reflect an accurate record of my play.



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I am reporting this bug now. Hopefully it's a simple glitch that we can get resolved quickly. Thanks for reporting it! :)  Also if you're really into Mahjong, you may want to join our Troubleshooting Team. Just go to and comment that you'd like to be on TEAM CASUAL SUITE.

It's been almost a month since I reported the glitch but I notice that it has not been rectified. Now an additional problem of certain challenges being unable to load has been occurring for the last few weeks. Why does the game have so many problems?

Helen, @MSwin8 games, can microsoft bring back the windows 7 version until they can fix the current problematic version?

@EarlyHornet78  The Windows 7 version actually has a lot more problems. I played it the other night on my old Win7 laptop and I couldn't get through a single board because it crashed so many times. Unfortunately, it appears that some of the problems you are experiencing are due to the Windows 8.0 build and these issues have been resolved already on the Windows 8.1 build. While we are working to get a better build out for 8.0, please be aware that you're going to naturally run into more problems on an older OS.  This isn't specific to Microsoft, either.  My iPhone 3GS is now having severe issues with several game apps I've played for years because the 3GS can't download the latest version of iOS.  It's just what happens naturally which is why companies like Microsoft, Apple, etc. offer free, newer versions of their operating systems.

As I mentioned previously, we are working to get a build out ASAP for 8.0.  We haven't forgotten about our loyal 8.0 fans- not at all. But we are limited on what we can do because we can only fix our games- we can't fix any issues that the operating system itself might have. :(