Microsoft Mahjong, Solitaire Collection & Minesweeper not working

Since the release of these games on WP, I can't access them on my Windows 8 Portable. I have try to reinstall them a lot of time and no succes. What happen is when i start the game, i see the name of the game and it crashes right there. Please help me Microsoft Team.


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Mahjong will not open i have played it before. What happen?

Are you guys running this on Windows Phone, Windows tablet, PC, or..?  When you say it crashes, does the app just close or is it still running in the background or...?

I am having the problem that Microsoft mahjong just closes when I open it. I  am using windows 8 phone.

@JennieVeesLife  Which Windows 8 phone are you using? I have a Samsung and I just opened it without issue. Do you have enough space on your phone?