Microsoft is strange....

Does anyone else find it strange that Mac promotes itself, when microsoft doesn't? Why doesn't XBOX come with other Microsoft products? You see MS Paint would be perfect for all XBOX consoles. Imagine being able to create custom backgrounds, foregrounds, and themes. Then you could upload them on Xbox Live and either sell, trade, or share them. You could make custom button patterns. Then what about MS Word? You could create custom text. Write long emails with keyboard plugged into USB port. This console is a computer. Microsoft needs to make the programs software completly customizable. Your Xbox would be unique, a true one-of-a-kind. Mac puts their software in all or most, of products. I hate MAC. However they atleast would pack the Xbox with tons of other programs. I tried to email this idea straight to Microsoft... their site REFUSED to let me contact them. The HELP section didn't even have the topic of "ideas for improvment" or anything even close. No place to submit ideas. Maybe Microsoft just wants to tow the main line and forget what we say. We're just gamers... right?  Hell No.


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