Microsoft have IW get their act together.

They are making games for your console and spoiling the Xbox experience. Is there anyway MICROSOFT can step in and have these people correct this hacking BS. If this keeps happening why would I buy XBOX ONE if this will possibly can happen on a new system I just dropped $600 for.  


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Falling on deaf ears.

Yeah I know. Bored.

  Well I kind of thought the hacking part should be as much MS's responsiblity as IW's.

   Its not just the game they're tampering with, the console security should be on MS.

I wish there was a stiffer punishment for hacking and tampering.  Banning a console/account is laughable.  I wish they would really make an example out of someone and put an end to it.  Go after one of them and sue them for ruining the gaming experience for tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people.  Defamation of their console.  Hindering sales.  I don't know what they would call it, but I'm sure their lawyers could come up with something.

     They ought to get someone to hack the hackers' paypal accounts. The dude in the video said he pays 20 bucks for a new fake account to run a lobby., and they get banned every day. Some do it just for the fun, but the ones who do it for money couldnt be too hard to track down.

Follow the paper trail.