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Hey I don't know if this is the right place to post this question but I'm going to college to work for Microsoft Game Studio but I would like to know is what would I need to take at college, what fields one would get into to work at such a place for a career job, and do I need a degree or a certificate. To work at Microsoft Game Studio for a career job.


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MS Studios employs many talented people in a variety of fields.  There is marketing, research, artists, music, programming etc.  the best advice is to check the careers site and see what suits you.  Also consider doing some freelance stuff while your going to college.  Create and do things that demonstrate your ability and plan on moving to Seattle as soon as you are able.  There are many companies that do work for MS Studios that you could get a position in whic would get your foot in the door or help you figure out what's next.  Internships are also an option.  Most of all don't give up.

Well you can't just choose what company you want to work for. You also have to decide what job position within a company you want to have. Once you figure that out, just Google it, as well as go to different companies sites and check their job postings. They will tell you what kind of previous experience you will need. You cannot just go right into the job you want, with the company you want. QA testing is a great way to get your foot into the door though.

Thanks for the information and I'll look into that.  

Start here:

Find the desired position and what it required for it. Also it's been named to just "Microsoft Studios".