microsoft buy twisted pixel ?

twisted pixel has quickly become one of my favorite game studios there humor is awesome and makes games very special. i think you guys should buy them now before they get very big because they are a very talented group. first time i played comic jumper i couldnt stop laughing at there game it was so funny then i played splosion man that game is so awesome just from playing the trial. twisted pixel could benifit you guys by being exclusive arcade developers as well as windows phone game developers. twisted pixel is such a talented group that capcom stole their idea of splosion man and made a game called maxplosion it is identical but for iphone. playstation has finally realized that arcade content is needed and has started their own version of summer of arcade they may take many of xboxs exclusives titles and port them.



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It's an independent company.  It's not own by any publisher, which is rare and refreshing now-days.

"many of xbox excluxive titles"

your kidding right?

I agree. Or that  have bunch new blood with good and raidical new idea's. And when they finlly made that army of developers that owned. Then I will finally give SONY the fingger.

* face palm * You're kidding right? Just let companies do there own thing.