Microsoft: Buy The Rights to the Spyro Franchise

Spyro the Dragon was a huge character created by Insomniac Games in 1998. Throughout the years he changed and eventually was sold to Activision. Activision put the Spyro character into a game series called Skylanders in 2011. Skylanders put Spyro in the huge roster of characters to play as in their game, which is a minor role for the once major character. Many old fans have wanted Spyro to return to the more classic, platformer gameplay that the original three Spyro games brought. There is a huge amount of potential for a Spyro reboot that goes back to the core, original concepts. Many people still play the classic Spyro games, and if a reboot was made many people would buy the game for nostalgia, as well as introducing the character to a new audience of this generation. As of now, Activision doesn't want to let go of Spyro, and continues to put him in the Skylanders sequels. That is why I am proposing to Microsoft to buy the rights to the Spyro franchise and publish a new game series. Activision can keep the game Skylanders going without the Spyro character in it. This is something I have been doing research on and I believe it would be very beneficial to Xbox, especially as the original Spyro games were PlayStation-exclusive.


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You know what, this idea might work just as long as Microsoft treat Spyro very well.

Sony or Microsoft should buy the rights to Crash Bandicoot as well.

I doubt Activision would ever sell it off. They could use Spyro for a future game if they really need to. I would love to see a new Spyro game, but I doubt they would sell it. Same with Crash Bandicoot, does Activision own that too?

Activision owns the rights to Crash Bandicoot now.

Skylanders is technically part of the Spyro franchise, and Skylanders seems to be making lots of money. Microsoft could, however, buy the rights to all Spyro games outside of Skylanders.