Mic Only Servers

is all i ever play on anymore, anyone else?

makes the game 10x more enjoyable for me


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Can anyone list a few mic only or mic heavy servers?  It makes me really miss PC gaming... need to find xbox servers that use mics and encourage more tactics and communication...

I Join the Mic only Servers without a Mic just to do so. Battlefield Games do not "need" a Mic, there's a funny little Button known as a Back Button. It does wonders, if people would only use it.

I play SQDM with mic, but in party chat only with my buddy

(actually not "party chat", but there is a setting in Xbox for chatting with friends only)


[quote user="THE WORD AL1VE"]

you dont see a need for a mic?...your probably a terrible teammate haha



Don't need a mic, just need common sense.  I'm a great team player and I'm always capturing flags and dropping ammo/health and suppressing enemies.

My team and swuad scores are over 700,000 combined, higher than most peoples objective scores.

All this and I don't wear a mic.

you dont see a need for a mic?...your probably a terrible teammate haha

[quote user="Praetorian VIII"]

Nah.  I don't use a mic.

[/quote]I really dont see any need for them.

I play in party chat.  I don't need to be babysitting the scrubs that commonly play this game all the time.  I have people I actually WANT to talk to instead.

Nah.  I don't use a mic.

I can hardly find anyone playing with a mic.  I did find a server that required it the other day and it was way more enjoyable.  The admins were on and kicking people that didnt have a mic.  

I generally play around 2am now, I find many more Mic only players then.