Mic / headset not working in ME3 multiplayer

I'm using a brand new headset (albeit the one that comes free with the XBox) but even though the icons in the lobby show other people talking, I'm not hearing anything. I know my mic's working as my icon flashes when I talk. (yes, I've made sure the volume's turned up and the it's not muted).

Is anyone else having this problem? Can anyone suggest a solution? Are there any systems settings I ought to have a look at?


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Have you checked your privacy settings to see if you haven't got them on Friends Only or Blocked? support.xbox.com/.../online-safety

I think there's another option from the dashboard to choose how you hear chat, through headset or speakers, or both.  


Xbox360 Guide > Settings > Preferences > Voice


Thats according to manual for the new headset I picked up yesterday.  Turtle Beach X12.  Pricey, but great!

I was kind of having this problem myself. Only in reverse (and for a different game). While voteDC has a good link, and I had used that one prior, one of the things that also helped me was trying a different controller, with/without the chatpad (if you have one) and make sure you can send voice message to friends. Also, there are times I'm just not plugged in all the way into the controller.


No one seems to actually be taking in the matches I'm in, so I can't confirm. I do know that if I slide from 'mute' to 'talk' the speaker icon will show a new icon in the "ready room" depending on that setting. I usually leave it muted unless I'm trying to say something - but again, no confirmation it's working from my ninja-quite team.

Do you have Kinect running while you play online?  

I have run into an issue where my mic and headset works fine, but if I unplug my mic cable for a sec, and then try again, the console seems to forget that mic completely. My kinect voice system kicks in and people can hear me, but i'm speaking at normal level from 10-15 feet away and it sounds like it to them.  I cannot get my headset mic to revive unless I reboot the console or game.  I can completely change from headset wired mic to the MS OEM wireless one and that works though.  I'm assuming there is some small issue or bug in game where the kinect voice overrides.  

I'm also using a new steel series V2 headset so I may be using it wrong, but this stuff is fairly intuitive, so I hope its the game and not the headset having issues.

Yeah, same exact problem with me, but i overcame this problem, this solution my be kind of annoying, but you will get used to it.

Like Paul said,  Xbox360 Guide > Settings > Preferences > Voice. When you are there, your voice configuration should be on headset only, change that to speakers or both. next time you go online, you will be hearing everyone else talk from the speakers, and  you an talk back using your headset mic like normal. here's the annoying part, it will interrupt the sound of your game, if your still annoyed, go back to: Xbox360 Guide > Settings > Preferences > Voice, and change the game volume and voice volume until it fits your comfort!

If this works, tell me.