MGSC without MGS

Is there any chance that we might actually get Metal Gear Solid, the original playstation game? Releasing the collection was a good move but starting from number 2 is damn annoying, especially as number 1 was such an amazing game with an epic story.



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Doubtful. You can download Metal Gear Solid on PSN for your PS3/PSP, though.

Metal Gear Solid is on my shortlist of greatest games of all time. It's too bad they didn't include it in the MGS HD Collection. I'd have even been happy with the Gamecube version ("Twin Snakes" I think?) or a voucher code to download Metal Gear Solid from PSN...

I liked twin snakes on the game cube, it was the same game but better graphics and easier aiming. It's sad it wasn't in the collection.

If you dont have MGS by know then IDK what to say

Twin Snakes is exclusive to Nintendo.  The team also have said they felt there qs no pint in releasing the original in HD because of the polygon count or something like that.

We did get Peace Walker though. I say that isn't too bad.

Metal Gear Solid 5 has been announced! :)

Great.... Just what we need Solid Snake in a wheel chair.