MGS5 Ground Zeroes available on xbox store, what about the preorder bonuses for Phantom Pain?!

Heya, I'm from Germany and I can't find any vlear information about a MGS5 Ground Zeroes downloadable xbox store release.
Does anyone have some save information about such release and what they're planing about the DLC bonuses for MSG5 Phantom Pain they're talking about, if you preorder MSG5 Ground Zeroes, will we get them too, if we buy the game right away via xbox store when it's released like Titanfall a few days earlier on the US xbox store then on Europe xbox store (2 days earlier)?!
I preordered the game at amazon germany already just to get sure, but I like to cancel the order buy the game like I did with Titanfall at the US xbox store too, it's much cheaper and you get the games always a few days earlier, but I don't want to lose the DLC for Phantom Pain.
I'm thankful for all useful answers!

Oh, and pls. forgive my bad gramma!;)



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Not sure if anyone knows. Maybe a Microsoft moderator will respond to your question.

I tried looking for the article really quick, but couldn't find it, but I will keep looking.  I read that if you buy Ground Zeroes in either digital or disc format, you are getting the DLC with it (MGS1 deja vu for PS and Raiden mission for Xbox versions).  Also, it will remember the guards you take to add to the mother base when Phantom Pain releases.  I read it in an article and I have not seen any preorder bonuses on any of the sites to order game from.

Hey, I bought and played this game last night. Surprising to me that's it's priced at 29.99 retail plus tax but it's not worth that in my eyes. They tell you with a flyer in the box that you get something from Konami for Phantom Pain, but its not clear how you get it. It tells you to go to a website but when you get there it requires a username and password to log on and that information is no where on the flyer. So not only was the game dissappointing whatever freebie is being offered, not sure how to get that. The game took about an hour to complete (main mission), but I was shocked to see the credits pop up when I completed the (main, 1st and only mission)...I'm like're kidding...nope not get the main mission and that's it. There does seem to be some unlocks after you complete the main mission, but if they are anything like the main mission not much to look forward to. So, once my opinion this game MGSGZ is not worth 32 bucks unless the unlocks offer a bit more. I'll take a look at those a joke. I had heard that it was going to be a little shorter than normal games, but man...what a surprise.