I saw MGS Peace Walker on Games on Demand yesterday.  I went out to buy some points and now it seems to be gone from the listings.

Anyone knows what's up?


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It is not co-op only. I've got it on PS3 and played it alone.

I want it on my 360 to play with a good friend

I was considering buying it, and now it's gone! if they fix it, and it comes back to Xbl, is there a single player campaign, or is it co-op only?

Kinda hope that it returns to Xbox soon, they have it as a recommended game atm but still unable to purchase :-( with them announcing MGS GZ the other day which looks incredible (although lets hope it has a bit more gameplay than 4) really want to check this one out. The PSP exclusive are the only ones I`ve missed out on

I'm always looking for some good players with mics who actually comunicate and play as a squad. send me a message or friend request if anyone's interested in playing

The game is back on games on demand!

I think it got pulled because there were some major technical issues. A day one patch seemed to break the game entirely, it was hardlocking people's consoles when it started up, so I guess they took it all down to fix it.