MGS HD collection not HD?

I dunno but from what i just saw @Kotaku the game doesnt look much differ at all then the original xbox version. I thought it was gonna get a total HD conversion like RE4?

If thats the case then imma pass on this. What a shame. I want full crisp detail and what not. Not the same game stretched out just to fit the screen. Dont get me wrong, I love MGS but in this day and age I want FULL 1080p HD. Its almost 2012. Come on! RE4 HD FTW!

Heres what Luke Plunkett had to say:

And then there's Metal Gear Solid 2, which takes the approach that if it was good enough for the 1990s, it's good enough for now, and changes almost nothing.
In some ways, this sucks, as the muddy character textures and low polygon counts look awful on a big HDTV (the level art, being blocky by design and better lit, doesn't look too bad). In others, though, it's awesome, as you see things like hairy armpits (pictured in clip above) in greater detail than ever before.

You can see review here:


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Don't care. Still gonna enjoy the crap out of it. <3

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Don't care. Still gonna enjoy the crap out of it. <3



This. I am overly excited for this to finally come to 360.

A total reworking of the graphics and increased polygon count isn't just an HD remake, its a whole new revamp. It will still looks clean and crisp. Not just a stretched out image. Besides, if MGS3 can look as clean on my 47" 1080p as it did on my PS2 back when I had a 25" SD tv... I'll be happy.

I'd get it even if it wasn't graphically improved.

The games do run at full 1920x1080p.