Metalcraft Ability Is Broken

I was playing a campaign game against Tezzeret which I believe was located on the bottom of the first circle in the campaign menu. He played a 4/4 Artifact creature with a Metalcraft ability saying it gets +2/+2 if you control 3 or more Artifacts. He had one Artifact and got the +2/+2 anyway, I had three Artifacts on the field myself which leads me to believe it was counting my Artifacts as his.

In the same game he played a card stating target creature gets +1/+0 for each Artifact you control. He had approximately none, I had three still and his creature got +3/+0 anyway.

I'll try playing him again later to see if I can get the two card names. Hopefully this gets fixed though because he ended up kicking my @@@, lol.


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Well I had that formatted somewhat decent but these new and "improved" forums messed it up.

Metalcraft is working just fine.


You're claiming he used Hunger of the Nim on one of his creatues while he didn't have any artifacts in play which is impossible since every single creature in that deck is an artifact creature.

You're obviously missing/forgetting that artifact creatures are.. yeah you guessed it right: artifacts.

You're right I'm a moron. I was assuming that the creatures were normal since he had to pay certain colors to play them.