Metal Wolf Chaos needs to be localized and ported to the 360.

This game

 is the epitome of all things American, and yet it was only released in Japan, and that is a shame.  It was made as an Xbox Original Exclusive, with full American voice acting throughout the game, but remains unreleased anywhere but Japan.

I hereby declare that all of us who would like to see the most American game ever made be released in America sign a petition, asking for it to be ported to the 360 and released here in America, so that we may all enjoy it.  It would, essentially, be the greatest B-Movie of a game to ever be released in the history of forever.

I personally would like to sign this petition, and I urge you to do the same.


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It's simply too American for America.

I realized I didn't explain what the game is about, let me sum it up.

You are President Michael Wilson, in about the year 2010.  Your Vice President, Richard Hawk, is an evil manipulative ******* who has started a military coup d'etat in order to destroy all things American, like freedom, liberty, and justice.  Naturally, the only way to beat him is to hop in your giant military robot, Metal Wolf, and leap out of the Oval Office onto the lawn of the White House, and fight your way out past the uprising led by Hawk.  The only way you can possibly free America is by going on a rampage across the country, liberating city after city and hunting down Hawk to destroy him, using a massive array of weaponry, explosions, and, of course, your giant robot, while uttering such awesomely cheesy one liners as "I'll make you like perforated cheese!  Bingo!", "Nothing is pointless, and the reason is - because I am the President of this Great United States of America!", and "I'll head to Liberty Island to rescue my men, and the reason is - because I am the President of this Great United States of America!".

Here is also more, to showcase this awesome game.

I would love to see/play this game on the 360.

I will sign this...FOR AMERICA!