Metal Gear Rising:Revengenace Achievements.

Whats with the 2 new achievements related to a new DLC with new VR missions?. Ive been reading that its PS3 exclusive, why are we getting the achievements if we are not getting the DLC? Are those achievements going to be deleted or are we getting the DLC?


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Maybe is  a temporary exclusive  DLC.

I've read on the internet that the DLC is a PS 3 exclusive in North America but in the rest of the world we get it on our 360's.


Don't feel too bad though.


In North America you get heaps more content than the rest of the world sees normally.



That doesn't make sense though, you get the achievements but not the DLC. So it'll be impossible to complete 100% in the US?

^^ If that's the case I'm sure they will fix it.


I doubt you have the full 1000 anyway.

I think they should of not haved achievements until NA get the DLC on the 360.

Something like that happened when LA Noire was released.

I hope it's a temp exclusive.