message to infinity ward

you are a disgrace to your loyal still sell this game brand new on on you still make profits from it..yet it is being hacked to death..why the hell don't you patch it like you have done modern warfare 2, is it because alot more people play mw2 and mw3 is soon to be you come across as a caring games disgusted at the way you have let this game go..if you cannot be bothered with it and its unplayable..why are you still selling it!!!


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cant be arsed with all that twitter crap lol..i wont be buying mw3 after this disgrace..its for kids now anyway..silly arcade play and care packages etc..quickscopers..back to goldeneye on the n64 for me lol

maybe u should send that to the infinity ward website or post it on fourzerotwo's TWITTER page

they arent going to read this.