MeS Are recruiting for CoD, Battlefield and Halo squads, take a look !!!

Malice e Sports are looking for mature gamers to join our community, We are a bunch of guys and girls that enjoy gaming, full stop we like to have fun!! We only ask that people have a fun first, respectful attitude towards each other and other gamers, We have UK and US based squads that play constantly and we are focused on the MW , Halo and Battlefield franchises, we hope to expand into to other titles.

We operate a professional website that is full of people enjoying the family atmosphere we have and these people have become a family that welcomes others but doesn't take BS from anyone!!

We enjoy playing clan ops and the challenges and generally rank in the top 5 % of Elite Clans, on MW3 and Black Ops 2 ,visit us on Battlelog .Our Facebook page is cool and you should visit us at Malice e Sports for a look.

So why should i join Malice?

What seperate's Malice from the others?

When you join Malice e Sports you are joining a family that's the first and most important thing.

You will be welcomed into our community with open arms, its what you do in Malice e sports that will reap rewards.

We have competitive squads that play on FraggedNation and GamesBattles, if you have the right stuff why not take it to the next level?

Malice e sports was put together by a group of dedicated gamers that decided a truly family orientated community was needed and saw the advantages of making this available to those that felt the same.

We operate a Military style Rank structure, this helps us deal with multiple squads, under a battalion etc.
Easier to work with when you have so many !!

If you have been in the armed services we have a good home for you here aswell, either serving or veteran you will find like minded guys and girls here aswell !! That understand the need for an honor system.

So you like what you see?

Whats the rules and regs for me joining Malice e Sports?

This is the easy part.

We simply ask that you are over 18 or very near to it.
You DONT need to have premium to join!
We DO NOT have a K/D requirement, because we will rank that up for you soon enough!
We DO NOT expect you to play all the clan ops!
We DO expect everyone to be respectful to each other!
We expect member to attend at least 2 one hour sessions twice a week these take place on Wednesday and Sunday nights, if you cant make it for whatever reason you let us know its all good, if you dont let some one know 3 times or AWOL then you can't be with us anymore

Glitching, Hacking, modding, boosting is not allowed, our skills serve as our voice.
I could go on all day about how good Malice e sports is but the bottom line is you need to see for your self, if you are looking for the right clan then you may have just found it!!

Good luck and if you need any info just XBl MeS Krome or MeS Spuds, also check out our website

Malice e Sports


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I have never played with a better Bunch of guys in my 4 years on Xbox live.

Hey just to let you know, the link to your site is broken. You forgot the colon between http and //

MeS is a great group. Follow the link and check us out!

Great clan, great community, worth a look for sure!

Your clan sounds amazing. Problem is i want to join but i'm only 16. I'm a mature person and if you spoke to me you'd think i'm alot older than i really am. I accept however that you have those rules in place for a reason.