Merry Christmas, I'm Lookin for a Clan.

Merry Christmas, I'm lookin for a clan. Im lookin primarily for a group that plays for fun. Saying that, I mean it. You will not find me in a multiplayer game unless Im playing with some friends. I have a unique sense of humor. I enjoy many mythologies. I am decently enough skilled and can play pretty much any FPS. (Halo, CoD, GoW, Left For Dead, Unreal Tournament, Borderlands, etc.)


Halo Reach - Hero

Halo 3 - Brigadier General

MW2 - 5th or 6th prestige, after a while I lost interest in counting.

Black Ops - 2nd or 3rd, again I don't bother counting.

Gears 2 - lvl 76

Gears 3 Beta - lvl 37 "God of Hellfire"


Favourite Mythologies:

Halo, Gears of War, The Elder Scrolls, Farscape, Firefly, Doctor Who, Eureka, Half-Life, Mass Effect, Any and ALL novels written by Matthew Reilly, The Dresden Files, Fable, Fallout, Dragon Age, Doom, Dead Space, All of Greco/Roman mythology, Invader Zim, Egyptian, Mayan, Lunar, The Matrix, Indiana Jones, Riddick, and thats all I can think of at the moment but rest assured there are many more.

Oh yes, call me Peanut.




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We are recruiting casual and competitive gamers at Wasted Talent


Stop by, have a look around and if your interested fill out a quick application. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.

Check us out matey:  :)


We are fun and have a serious side too lol

Wow, I wasn't expectin to get so many offers so quickly. I shall begin the research and decision making process.

In the meantime I have 2 montages I forgot to list in the credentials.

Youtube search - Shake Senora - A Halo 3 Montage

Youtube search - Peanut Montage

Must be on a different Daylight savings plan than I am.


Hey, Soldiers of Christ might be the kind of clan for you.  We're pretty laid back/easy going.  We play mainly for fun, but we aren't noobs either, (ok, some of us are)  we have pretty solid friendships going though, and are definitely open for new people all the time.  SoC's been around for 8 years, and have groups organized playing other games besides the Xbox ones.  Check out our website and forums (more info in my sig) and if you like, register and say hello. 


We do have an event coming up that you'd be welcoem to attend.  June 3, I think, we're havign a black ops play night.

*Happy New Year!!!   Peanut.    

We are looking for mature, team players.   We currently play a ton of Black Ops and some Crysis 2.   But when there is interest I've seen members hook up and play Halo Reach, MW2, and Gears 3.

*I am a member of Black List Gaming. We are a group of dedicated individuals. We believe in honor towards the clan and fellow members, and a provide a sense of “family” towards our community. We are a multi-platform and multi-gaming site that has a large and active forum, including a live chat box.

*The players we are looking for can be competitive or casual.   They must be16 years old and be mature while they are playing.     If you have any questions message me.    If you register fill out an application and let them know that I referred you.  Thank you.

Ambush Gaming is a fast growing Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 clan and community for ages 16+. We were formed in October of 2010 with leaders and a core group of members from a previous team. Our main philosophy here is to be organized, progress with teamwork, have fun, and meet some cool people in the process in a laid back, friendly atmosphere.

As of now we are specializing in Call of Duty: Black Ops, but as we grow we want to expand into different games and major titles. We accept US and EU players so no matter where you live, you’ll always have someone to play with.

Some of the current features we have and are planning for are:

» Active Leadership

» Active and always busy forums

» Casual & Competitive Divisions

» Gamebattles teams

» Community tournaments with prizes

» Special events and game nights

» Skilled active members in-game who just love to play and have fun

» A live chat box on our forums to chat with friends live

» Positive, friendly atmosphere where respectful people are welcome

» And much more in the works

We are organized based on a simple rank structure where members are encouraged work they way up. Mainly to stay organized and reward those who have showed high activity and dedication. We break up into Companys so you may participate in practices and matches with fellow teammates.

We accept both casual and competitive players, all new recruits go through a 3 day trial period to see if you mesh well with our current member base and make sure you have consistent activity.

Check out Revolution of Gaming.  We have over 3000 forum members, 300+ active brigade members and we love helping eachother out.  Its a great gaming community specializing in Black Ops, Reach, MW2 and AC: Brotherhood.  Any questions just send me a message website is in my sig.