merging disk save game with cloud save game

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, I've tried searching the support forums but wasn't successful.

In Forza 4, my main save game is on the local drive, I would like to have that changed to the cloud storage.

Can anyone recommend a guide to do that?

Thanks in advance.



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When you first start up the game and you go to enter the main menu, you should get a screen appear from your xbox asking you where you want to save your game

You should see an option to save to your HDD or the cloud


Yea I already have a save game on the HD, it's my main save game I'm at level 100.  When I choose my cloud save game, I'm back at level 1. I wanted to know if there was a way to copy my HD savegame to the cloud so that i can play from the cloud save game instead.

Don't try and copy your save game or you will invalidate it and have to start over.

Forza only allows one copy of your save, you can move it from your HDD to the cloud but you can't have a copy on your HDD and another on the cloud i'm afraid.

This page will help you move saves if you are unsure how to do it. Like the above user says 1 save is all you get for your profile.

thanks, I think I'll stick to the disk save then, I imagine it's faster to load than if I move it to the cloud...

If I plan to play from a friends house I'll move to the cloud before hand.

Or you can use the USB key to save the game, and your profile - easy to move around.

I have 2 consoles at home and all our family members have their profiles and "active" save games on USB stick, so it does not matter what console you use - just pop in the USB stick, log in and play.

Only thing that does not work for me this way is the "Benchmark" tracks - they work on the initial console, where I entered the code for it - does not work in the other console even when I have manually downloaded the 300Mb M5 car pack that has the hidden track data in it.

Agreed, you won't lose your cars, but you may start over from level 1.