Merge account? And lose my keys every time!

Every time I open this game, it asks me if I want to merge a guest account with my Live account.  I click cancel, we move on and I get logged in under my Live account.

But I lose all keys I might  have accumulated!  Also, I did not receive my share of the community goal for Power Bingos after it was reset sometime yesterday.  I had achieved the 40 key target, and was midway through the third target. I would really like to get the keys I'm owed.

Thanks for your help. 


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Did you already contact me on Facebook about this? if not, let me know. Thanks! :)

No, I haven't. Just asked the question here....

Got it. Please contact me directly on Facebook via the Send a Message feature and also include your gamertag.

Thanks! :)

This is ridiculous. Why have a 'help' forum if you don't help anyone here? What if I don't use Facebook?

P.S. My Gamertag is clearly displayed beside this message.

We obviously do help people here- Facebook just provides the fastest help experience as it allows for real-time chat.

The guest log-in just means that at some point you started the game without being connected to Xbox. This can happen when the Xbox network is down, when the connection to Xbox lags, etc. Merging with the guest account just adds anything you may have accumulated as a guest to your Xbox account which is where all your personal account information is stored.

Check your Gifts in-game, ARMEDsquirrel99. All of your community rewards are there. :)

Thank you :)