MERC Clan Scouting/Recruitment (Xbox 360)!!!


I am the founder, one of 2 other Generals that helps organize/lead the MERC Clan for Xbox 360 games such as MW2, BLACK OPS, BFBC2, and coming soon MW3 as well as BF3(though we are constantly expanding our game library.) We have about 50 ACTIVE members, and are looking to fill our ranks with more active/competitive folks.


We have an age requirement of at LEAST 18, and choose our members primarily off personality. Our motto on recruitment is this: "We CAN teach you how to shoot, use tactics, and many other battlefield skills, but we CANNOT teach good personality." So don't worry if your K/D isn't what you want it to be, we can help you with that if your personality fits with MERC.

About Us:

The MERC Clan has been slowly pieced together using the experiences, wisdom, and proven leadership from not only myself (the founder of MERC) but of 2 other "Generals" as well. We are a more mature/older Clan/Community that is backed by not just years of wisdom in life but many of us are Prior Service/Military bringing a whole new level of organization/structure to MERC. The Council of MERC draws its "Online" organization/leadership skills from many years in PC MMOs to Xbox Live Clans, having enjoyed helping lead quite a few of them to successful communities in the past but have all now come together to create OUR own image of a Clan/Community.

With MERC being built using all of this knowledge our Council of 3 Generals exist solely to ensure a fair/balanced progression and outcome of any situation. This Clan/Community is reinforced also by a group of great members that share a common goal, process, and camaraderie that is unmatched anywhere else. Our plan is to keep things simple, structured, and most of all FUN/ENJOYABLE for all involved. We have a unique rank/structure in our Clan that helps to promote member progression for dedication and activity. We also hold Clan challenges, tournaments, or scrimmages against other Clans to which rewards of many kinds can be given out to the victors. We are gonna be kick starting some competitive teams soon in all games we currently host, as some of us have more competitive experience than others, we're trying to train/organize/and create more teams with the same equal competitive spirit. IF your not the comeptitive type player/gamer, no worries a vast majority of our members don't look to enter competitive tournaments, but we have the option open for those who want to.

Website Link:

Here is our site link if you wish to stop by and drop an application: all you have to do is go to that link and in the top right where it says "app" put in your application to join, we'll then give you a week trial period to see if both our Clan and you like the test run, then we'll go from there. We look forward to teaming up with you on the battlefield.

Thanks for your time-

Saber o6

MERC Command

Toujours Pret


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MERC is the Perfect balance between Tactical, Military, and Fun.

WE play legit, we play to win, we play for fun.

come check  us out

Awesome community of people to play with, we love having new people around to help learn and help us learn.  If you're looking for great organized team play, MERC is the way to go.

great clan, great people, always love playing as a team. if you like any of these you should consider joining MERC.