members and admins needed

Me and a friend are starting up a new community and we needs members to help us get started. I am not sure how many of you been in a community or know how a community works but the point is that I am starting a new community called TNP gaming and our goal for this month is 50-100. This is a goal we will stand by. We are looking for Admin members to run game areas. We host PC � Xbox � Ps3. We are opened to new games. We will help pay all game servers but the thing is your MUST have a good member base for that game for us to help out with buying the server. We will not waste money on something that will not or may not work. So if you like come by our website and post a intro about yourself and we will get going on a community. �

Also I forgot to say that we do contest�s within the community where you can win cash prizes or Items. Also we support all games and systems.

We only have one server at this time which is css Death match but we are getting more as members grow.


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What admin spots u got?

Well. pretty much all games. I asked a lot more people and people are getting back to me about them. Come by and sign up and leave a post saying what u would like to jump into and we will get it going. TNPGAMING.COM

how bout  merger? members + members = GREAT TIME, FUN & more!

I disagree completely with ASSASSIN'S idea, especially if you are trying to become a business of a clan. Before merging, always OBSERVE the clan you wish to merge with; if you find any flaws, better to review what they do wrong and compare it what faults your clan has. If they have no major faults, move onto observation of how the other clan treats members in open games. This is very important because you want members that are respectful to each other and that know to respect other clan members. If they failr at this, don't merge. Also, remember, a merge is just a fancy way of combining both clans just to increase member account. A very quick and effective method IN THE SHORT RUN, but make sure YOU want to do so before committing. Some clans use this "merge technique" to gain a higher member account but could care less about the other clan. Just trying to help you since it looks like you are just starting.

WHOA! "don't hesitate to throw me under the bus,right" lol

Of course he and/or you isn't jus going to say right off the top,"OK we're in" ...don't u think i wanna know who all will be under my umbrella.

Send friends request and when we r both online we can get in a party together and talk in person(so to speak).

In mean time check out our website and atmosphere if u haven't already.