Mega64: TODD & AARON'S GAME AWARDS 2011!!!!!!!

I lol'd.



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[quote user="CrazyMvM94"]

I lol'd.


I didn't. Am I broken?

You seriously laughed at that? I say, ignorance must be pretty funny where you live because that was just appalling.


(And before some reject jumps on me, yes, I realise they're trying to be funny).

The hell is this?

Not funny....

Confesion: I lied, I never lol'd, not funny really.

Wow Crazy,lying to join the cool crowd now? Pathetic...

-100 respect.

I don't care what anyone says, I'm a Mega 64 fan and I find their videos funny.

I think me and Arnold agree "The Best Thing Ever" is the Pump.