MEGA SPOILER ALERT! What happens in Dead Space 3?

Hello everyone!  :)  I have played the previous games (except for Extraction because I don't own a Wii) and I was wondering if someone could do me a huge favor and tell me what happends in the game; from the beginning to the end.  The reason that I am asking this is because I don't have the time to play through it, especially with the new save system that requires you to wait for the "Progress Saved" message before you can quite the game.  The save system in the first two games were perfect and quite frankly, I don't know why they had to go and change it.  I absolutely loved the first two games and I still remember what happend.  If no one responds to this request, Its not a big deal.  If someone does respond to this request and tells me the story of Dead Space 3, I want to thank you so much in advance for taking the time to update me on the story of this awesome series.  As for the DLC, you don't have to tell me what happend (although it would be nice to also know what events transpire here).  Once again, thank you so much for telling me the story of this game, I really appreciate it  :)  Have a good day or afternoon or night everyone!  :) 


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I will definitely be making time for this game "tCruzin4lyfe"  :)  But I'm not going to lie when I'm saying that it would probably take a little while given that I actively play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer at the same time.  I'm going to have to put Halo 4 and Aliens Colonial Marines on the shelf for a while; then concentrate on Silent Hill 3 first and tackle Silent Hill Homecoming afterwards.  Thus, leaving Dead Space 3  :)


I recently started playing the Dead Space mobile game on my phone.  And whenever you pick up a new weapon, there's a automated female AI who verbally describes the weapon.  For instance when you pick up the Line Gun, she says something like "A wide-beamed mining tool used for cutting."  

So perhaps in your head you'd hear her say, "A wide-beamed Necro killin' weapon that easily decapitates both of their legs in one shot.  Please follow this with a satisfying curb-stomp."  

When my health drops, I hear her say "Always remember to keep your Rig in the blue.  You've got red on you."  

LOL  :)  The one line that I always say to myself and makes me laugh when I played Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2 will once again resurface when I play Dead Space 3.  Just to set-up the visual aid, you've seen those yellow and black caution / safety signs right?  Please imagine the following line printed instead (insert drum roll here please)...


Improper use of Mining Equipment is strictly encouraged!  LOL  :)


My favorite weapons are the Line Gun and Contact Beam  :)


Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone!  :)

[quote user="Lei Fang DOAX3"] Are all of the weapons from Dead Space 2 returning or just some of them?  Has the Flame Thrower been buffed up or is it still weak?  

[/quote]I can't say with 100% certainty, but I'm pretty sure they're all still there.  tC where you at?  He can surely answer that haha.  The list of weapons is impressive.  Couple dozen or so.  

When you put the damage circuits and mods in the Flame Thrower, it works pretty well and kills fast.  They added a Cryo Freeze Gun that works the same way.  A Flame Thrower/Freeze Gun combo is pretty fun.  I always hear the Icy Hot commercials in my head when I use it.   

I'm going to enjoy Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill Homecoming (I won't rush it because I love the Silent Hill series) and then eventually get to Dead Space 3  :)  Are all of the weapons from Dead Space 2 returning or just some of them?  Has the Flame Thrower been buffed up or is it still weak?  

Yeah good because you don't have to choose between suits based on stats and the look.  In DS2, sometimes I used suits I didn't really like the look of, just because I wanted that particular stat boost.  Now we just use the suits we like the look of the most.  

Fang you'll dig the N7 suit.  It looks different for whomever's wearing it.  With Isaac, it's the black version.  And for Carver, it's the red version.  I like the red one the most.  With upgrading things and stat boost, you can still do that.  In each weapon you can put in four circuits that boost two stats like +3 Damage and +3 Clip Size.  So with combo weapons, you can do 8 eight circuits (four for each gun attachment).   On top of that you can put two weapon attachments on each gun.  Like Damage Support that boosts your damage and your co-op partner's.  Or Acid Rounds.  They change the look of the gun too.  Pretty cool.  

You can customize your stats a lot in this game.  I like it a lot more.   

No suits give any special bonuses in this game, just different appearances. It's a good thing in a way, you can choose any suit you want without having to worrying about sacrificing this or that since they are all equal :)

Thank you very much for that tip "Zen like Rage"  :)  I will definitely pick-up a brand new copy once I finish playing Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill Homecoming.  Now, the good news is that I know exactly what is happening in Silent Hill 3 and I still know what I currently have to do.  The bad news is that I am completely lost (as in I forgot what is happening in the story, plus the fact that I don't know what puzzle / objective I'm supposed to do next) in Silent Hill Homecoming and had to start completely over again from the beginning.  With that said, I have one question to ask you if you don't mind?  What are the special abilities of the N7 Armor that is unlockable if you have a Mass Effect save file in your HDD?  I remember in Dead Space 2 that my favorite suit was the "Gold & Black" suit because it gave you +25% or so extra health from using healing items  :)  Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone!  :)

Could you just read the plot synopsis on the Dead Space wiki? :/

[quote user="Lei Fang DOAX3"] It was never my intention to set a negative aura regarding Dead Space 3, so I sincerely apologize if anyone was insulted by my request; as there was no malicious intent in its inception. 

[/quote]No need to apologize.  Sorry if I personally came off as that way.  We just want you to play and enjoy DS3 like us!  Makes sense if you don't want to buy a brand new game and end up not playing it.  When you do though, make sure you pick up a new copy because you need an online pass to play co-op if you want to do that.  

Personally I would avoid spoilers and wait to play the game and experience them if I were you.  Just a though. 

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