Medicinal v2

It's a new map I've been working on for a few days. I really try detailing my maps as best as I can with multiple ways into an area, to painting dirt around grass edges just to give it a more realistic view on the terrain.


This is by far my most interesting looking map. Very peaceful and beautiful to look at, but that's just my opinion.

I would like to hear some constructive feedback on my maps so I can get a better idea on what to improve on for future maps.


If you haven't already checked out my previous maps, here's the names of them from oldest to newest.


Map Names:

All Nighter v2


MMC2 Dragon Cove

Medicinal v2


I don't have many published maps but I'm working on single player maps as well, the ones you download to play offline in the map editor (Test Map).

The ones I have in production are: "ESCAPE Turkey Island" - A helicopter crash leaving only you who survived the crash of reconnaissance mission investigating a strange disappearance of the locals who have had lost contact with the outside world. "JurassicPark Kitchen" - Based on the iconic scene in Jurassic Park where the raptors infiltrate the kitchen. "Running of the Bulls" - A festival located in Spain. "Burts Shrieker Derby" - Based on the movie Tremors 2 (SPOILER), this derby is supposed to be the scene in the movie where Burt is ambushed by those howling pesky worms while he's his truck. The movie doesn't show how he escapes the ambush, so I decided to make my own version of how he managed to plow through those bug-a-boos.

I hope you all enjoy the maps I have published. Sorry if you notice the hole in All Nighter v2. I published that map with no problems or map errors (besides not noticing the hole I forgot to fix), but when re-downloading it onto a new hard drive, it keeps telling me the map has reached the memory budget yet I published it when it said there were no problems.

Thanks for reading.



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Hey - I am new to the game and would love to try your maps :) How do I do it haha

Go into the multiplayer. Select multiplayer again. Then go down to map archive. Once in that menu, press Y to filter the search by map name. Type in Medicinal or any of the maps I suggested, then you click on the map and hit download. You don't have to download it, but if you just want to play it, instead of downloading, scroll down to create private match. Once there in the private match, press the back button to edit game settings and put minimum players as 1. This will start the private match with just you so you can check it out. Don't forget when you're done playing/exploring it, press start and click on skip map. This will end the match and give you the option to vote and give a description of the map. Also, when you see any maps you like in the archive and you want to see more of that person's maps, you can click on the map again and scroll down to view maps by this user.