Medal of honor?

See i have never played any MoH game but i found it for 10 bucks at a website where i usually buy games and i was wondering is it worth it? i know that the campaign is good from what people have told me but does anyone still play the MP?


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Its fun, pretty accurate depiction of some Afghanny battles.The over all is probably worth $20 but it really ads nothing new and feels just like any other contemporary military FPS.

So it would be worth the 10 bucks then? (ill end up paying bout 18 bucks total cuz of the damn shipping but still)

Yea $10 is fair.The MP is pretty much a COD/BF clone so if you liek that kinda of thing then you will enjoy this game.The SP portion is fun,and like I said had some pretty close depictions of conflicts over in the middle east so yea $10 is worth it.Just dont expect to be WOW'ed and amazed.

well i guess ill get it along with some other nice cheap games i found for same price (mirrors edge n some more) :P