mechromancer and the infinity

just started a new mechromancer and read that the anarchy skill stacks whenever you kill an enemy or empty your magazine.

got me thinking about the infinity and how it technically only has one bullet per clip,

since the infinity is basically emptying its clip all the time would anarchy stack?

has anyone tried this out and does it work?


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It flat out does nothing. You can't even shoot it since you have to take the - clip size skill to use anarchy.

i see. cool. thanks for helping me clarify :)

wrong cause i use the infinity pistol with my mechromancer all the time

Well, no crap you can use it. You can't use it with anarchy, thats what he is asking.

calm down dont be an @@@

I really am not, it all comes down to what tone of voice you read it it in.

YES it does work. Anytime you auto-reload (not pressing X) you will stack anarchy.

I have a shotgun that has ONE shot and a fast reload.My anarchy goes from 0-60 like a PORCH!