Meatshield bug

I think I've encountered a bug of some sort and I was wondering if it has happened to anybody else. Have you ever been holding a meatshield (that is fresh and has hardly been shot at) and have somebody with the gnasher shoots you once (while you are facing him and presumably firing back) and the meatshield gets destroyed and you go down?


It's a weird glitch. I've been able to handle myself against two SOS wielders with a meatshield but sometimes I just randomly go down and it isn't because their is somebody shooting at my side or behind me.


If this is some kind of gameplay mechanic, please enlighten me. As far as I'm aware, there are very few weapons that can get headshots on someone with a meatshield and usually, well placed shotgun blasts will destroy the meatshield before hurting the person.


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not a glitch, you're shield only protects you so long

Read my post a little more carefully. My meatshield was fresh and nobody shot me from behind or the side. When a meatshield stops soaking damage, your automatically drop it. That doesn't happen for me sometimes. I just randomly go down without taking any prior damage.

again i say people can down you're shield



and JeNo, maybe someone was shooting you with a rifle straight at your head