looks to be promising with the information it can provide. the weapson sections (from the first one they are showing) looks to be a "new weapons introduction" and the CIA section has what looks to be mini games that who knows may have something to do with the game.

also imo on the first weapon. sounds promising for what we may see for future guns in that this one has two different fire modes (basicly normal and an underbarrel grenade launcher). will be neat to see what else they may do in this vein or if they keep it unique to the Falcon AR.


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Thanks Again vader da slayer for the linkage...:-)

I had heard that Shepard is able to use any class of weapon, regardless of what class your Shepard is. If so, I'm sure the uses for the Falcon are going to quite... imaginative. As a Adept, use Lift, then fire a grenade into the enemy... heh priceless.