ME3 will not get past "Checking downloadable content"

When I loaded ME3 this morning it loaded like normal until it got to the "Connecting to EA Servers" step. At this point it popped up a message stating "Error", "The Mass Effect 3 server is unavailable at this time. Please try again later." After I select "Ok" it continues to the main menu and displays the message "Checking downloadable content..." but this message does not go away and it will not let me into the main menu to continue my single player game. Has anyone run into this issue and found a solution? I have doe the basic steps of clearing the cache, restarting the system, etc. but is still displays the same message. I have even tried with the game installed and without.

Thanks for the help.


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Yeah I just posted Im having the same problem I figure its because the servers are down and the game has to be connected to the EA servers to authenticate all the DLC and its not doing that just have to wait till the servers are back online.  

The servers are down and it effects the single player also. The only way to play single player atm is to unplug the internet from xbox and sign into your account w/o xbox live. They are working on the problem.