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Alright, so yesterday I deleted all my ME 1&2 saves because I wanted to start from a clean slate and have solid playthroughs for the imports I would use. However, I noticed after deleting every single ME related save on my Memory Card and HDD, that when I went to start a new playthough on ME1 it was still using some sort of save information because it was giving me the option to select an existing character for my new playthrough. Might sound like a stupid question / obvious answer, but I am just assuming it's the hidden save file that the Importers use?


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Have you actually tried to select an existing character..?

Yes that is the hidden aka import save.


Also info provided to me by another forum member: On your console, if you choose to Transfer Content when moving, you can move the "hidden" ME end game save too! Under Publisher Information!

@Spuudle, Yes I selected the option and it presented me with a previous character of mine.