O.K., Pinnacle Station gets slammed alot, but is it really that bad?  I sense several "Yes" posts on the way all ready, but I actually enjoyed this one.  It falls short on the repeat playthroughs category though.  I couldn't stop playing it until I got 1st place on all of them, haven't played it since though.  The new characters introduced were great, especially that Salarian who sets up the simulations for you, I thought that the "prize retreat" was a nice bonus.  I prefer it to the Firewalker Pack which I don't care to play anymore either.  Bring Down The Sky, on the other hand, was excellent.  I'd put it in the same class as Overlord and Arrival.


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Personally I think the issue with PS wasn't that it was bad - after all it was just more combat - but it was so uninspired. It really didn't fit within the overall story of ME1 because why would Shepard take time out from trying to save the galaxy to go play around in a  combat simulator.

Such a stupid idea, and clearly devised by people that really didn't understand what makes/made ME1 such a compelling game.


BDTS on the other hand is/was a great piece of dlc with a compelling story that has a great morale decision to make at the end - which is the corner stone of the ME franchise.

The end part where you go underground to the Batarian base of operations in Bring Down The Sky is a good example of the direction ME3 is going in the way of combat.  You can't just duck under a crate and shoot at whatever appears in front of you like in ME2.  There's enemies coming at you in all directions from multiple levels and even those things flying around as well.  I skipped Pinnacle Station on my current playthrough but Bring Down The Sky was one of the first missions I chose.  I especially like how the planet appears closer and closer with the meteors burning up all around you the farther into the mission you go, the MASS Relay that appears in the sky of the 'Arrival' mission doesn't quite have the same effect of approach.  It almost looks like a "Screensaver In The Sky".

The only reason in my opinion to play Pinnacle Station is if you want the achievements.


Now as I've said before I prefer the combat in 1 but even then I'd say that it is not the strongest part of the game.


In Pinnacle Station the maps are dull and on the Survival challenges I had to actively try and get myself killed to finish the rounds or they would have gone on forever.

I enjoyed Pinnacle Station for what it was.

Plus the house you get where you can refill your grenades and order rare items really helped. It was the only way I was able to outfit everyone with Colossus-X armor.

[quote user="Arkham99"]

 I couldn't stop playing it until I got 1st place on all of them, haven't played it since though. 



If you go back, your name shouldnt be at the top of the standings anymore, so in that sense it has a little replay value, should you want to stay no:1.

Thanks, I didn't expect the standings to change, I may just have to go back there and brush up on a few things...:-)

Of all the DLC for 1 and 2, Pinnacle station is the only one I haven't played. I'll probably get around to it eventually though. You're right about Bring Down The Sky. That is amazing.

'Pushtrak' called Pinnacle Station the worst DLC ever and probably has lots of others agreeing on that, but I really didn't think that it was all that bad.  It definitely pales in comparison to, say, 'Lair of The Shadow Broker', but is more on par with the 'Firewalker Pack'.  If you're starving for some "new" ME action and haven't tried it yet, I think you'd probably get a nice weekend out of it.  'Bring Down The Sky' rivals Noveria for my favourite ME1 mission.  I could be mistaken, but is that not the first appearance of The Batarians in ME1?  I remember them being mentioned before that, but my first memory of seeing one is on Asteroid X57.  Speaking of 'Pushtrak', where the hell is he?  I rarely agree with him, but when he posts, I read...:-)

Next time I load up on points i'll probably buy it. Probably when I get the new Fallout NV DLC.

I went through Pinnacle Station once for the achievements, but haven't touched it since. I'm not going to waste my time trying to top a leaderboard when I could be playing missions that are actually fun.

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