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I know when you first start the game there's only about 4 slots worth of the Charm attribute open, and then I believe after you become a Spectre you unlock another set of Charm attribute, but at what point do you unlock the next set because I have my Charm maxed out right now and it's still not letting me choose some conversation options?


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voteDC is probably the best person to answer this. I think doing the mission on Luna where you pick you specialisation class, the putting points into that,  also unlocks more blocks, but don't hold me to that as I'm probably wrong.

Kind of like the sequel, Paragon and Renegade are linked to your conversation options.


While completing certain missions and earning XP unlocks more talent slots for Charm and Intimidate, filling up Paragon and Renegade is the only way to get them to full.


If you don't mind bending the rules then the easiest place to fill them up is on Noveria. Simply persude Lorik Quin (sp?) the turian, to hand over the evidence using the paragon or renegade option. Then when he agrees ask him about Benezia again, skip through it if you wish, and you'll find the option to get him to hand over the evidence has returned.


This gives you +25 in either choice each time, so just keep repeating it until you have the levels you need to unlock all the Charm slots.

So in order to unlock some more of the Charm attribute, I have to continue to use Charm / Paragon in conversation if I want those slots to open up?

Not just the blue options but the dialogue options on the top right hand side of the dialogue wheel.