ME1 Achievement Problems

I just finished my insanity playthrough as an adept so I could get the last of my achievements. Since this was a fresh character, I used Barrier an excessive amount. Hell, I must have used it like 50 times just on the final mission. But despite this fact, I haven't been awarded the achieve. I am currently on a low level adept, casting Barrier repeatedly hoping it will unlock but so far nothing. Has anyone encountered this problem?

I also needed to get the scholar achieve which I attempted my second playthrough. Both times I got all the necessary stuff but no achievement. The only reason I didnt get it my first playthrough was that stupid Prothean entry.  Any help would be appreciated.


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In regards to the 'Scholar' achievement, many people overlook the question on The Protheans at the beginning of the game where you're in the Communications Room with Anderson and Nihlus.  If you don't ask about them there you won't get another chance later.  The Codex entry I kept missing was the one about The Krogan Wars when you visit the Krogan statue at The Citadel, it popped for me after I finally took notice of it.  The Codex entries are carried over into subsequent playthroughs so if it's the one at the beginning, it should pop for you right afterwards...:-)