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I was really tempted by this until I saw the price.


Here in the UK the Collectors Edition is £69.99 no matter the version (360, PS3 or PC). It is an exclusive to the retailer GAME, so they can pretty much get away with charging what they want.


The regular edition for the PC which is the one I have pre-ordered from Amazon is just £27.99, less than half the price of the Collectors Edition.


So while the artbook and N7 patch would be nice, I think I can live without the robot dog and alternate outfits.

I dont buy into the "x" edition gimmicks. Its usually a lot more for little substance, unless of course art books and figurines are your thing - they aren't for me. I'll stick with the regular edition :P

I think its 10 dollars too much . Though I love art books and soundtracks so I will be getting the collectors edition for PC like I did with ME2.

Plus the added in game content looks pretty cool.