Maybe I am the only one but

I am totally digging this game.  I have seen and read all the negatives but honestly I am just not feelling down about it. The game itself is steps above the Beta thank god but DICE already said that. To me the graphics are the best I have ever seen period. I am playing on 65" LCD with 7.1 surrond sound and the sights and sounds are totally amazing. WAR TAPES all the way if you play on surrond sounds system. Ranking up is slowed way down so I might be collecting social security before I see the last scope but stuff keeps popping up in front of me while I play so its all good.

Sure there are a few bugs NUMBER ONE IS EA! Are you Effin kidding EA? You even had a chance to make sure your system is ready for one of the largest game releases in years yet on October 25 at 7 pm EST you can't get online. That is just plain unexplainable to me and I am sure 1000's of others. Even this morning at 7 am and 5 guys on my FL playing it was hard to actually find a game.  I mean how may people could have been playing at that hour and we still can't find a server. I mean last night even after finally finding a server you gain perks and guns just to be lagged out and lose EVERTHING!!!!!!

                                                 CAN WE SEND EA AN EMAIL TO GET THIER HEADS OUT OF THEIR *SS RIGHT NOW  ?

Now surprise, surprise I could not find a contact us so if anyone has it let us know. Also when I was looking for the contact us EA was nice enough to tell me that .....

"Battlefield 3  was having unexpected high volume on their servers

Really who in your effin office was unexpected about this because they should be fired!  Say what you will you do not have these server issues with any COD.

It's sad really

Anyways enjoy the game





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Servers being down still sucks, but I expected it... what are you gonna do?


Now that the BF3 honeymoon and lovefest is over, I have to admit that the console version of BF3 is pretty average imo. I think it's a good console first person shooter and I love playing it so far, but it's not really as special as it was made out to be tbh.

The only three negatives I can really point out is that, at a distance, the helicopters look like poor cell shaded animations, and the freakin letters all up in my face when I am trying to attack or defend a postion in Conquest.  Seriously, whose idea was it to put a big blue letter dead center in the middle of your screen when you're 200m from the flag?  

Oh, and thirdly EA servers.  

I dont know , i played for quite a few hours last night and got very bored real quick. My fears from the start have been true, boards are 2 big for just 12 on 12.  Was looking foward to this too.  :(  

I enjoyed it, think the games gonna be great.....get a few bugs ironed out yeah

It feels rushed and I'm not getting those great feelings like I thought I would have.  I thought this was going to be THE best game EVE.

I'm so very glad I didn't get a new PC for the PC version.  So far, for such a gigantic release that BF3 was supposed to be, I'm a bit disappointed.  Is it the fact that EA has too much involvement now?  Or has the concept changed that much since BF2?  I know it was released a long time ago, but that was such a great game.  They were so close with BC2, I don't know why so much got changed. Is it that the new engine just isn't as great, or that current hardware is just not good enough?